It has become a commonplace for open-source projects to have in their README a set of badges, providing attention grabbing information about their version, test coverage and other state information.
But these badges are static, ABeamer allows to generate animated badges with remarkable simplicity. ABeamer has an animated badge example in its gallery for quite a while, but since the release of version 1.0.0, the first production level version, these badges have a complete set of configurable parameters, including size, colors and duration.
Also, since this version, is no longer required to have js/css/ini files installed in the local machine, it can be executed from a remote link.

All is required, are the common tools installed in many develop machines:

To see an animated badge in action:

To generate an animated gif from that animation, follow these steps:

abeamer render --dp --url /gallery/latest/animate-badges/index-online.html --width 126 --height 20

The above command line, will create a png file sequence on a newly create folder story-frames.
Unlike, other JS/CSS animation libraries, ABeamer library is designed to ensure that no frame is lost.
The --dp, will delete previous frames, useful when multiple badges need to be generated.

From the png file sequence, to generate the animated gif, all is needed is:

abeamer gif

And voila! The gif is created!

To configure the parameters, add them as on the command line as:

--var "<parameter>=<value>"

The following parameters, and their default values, are supported:

name: 'target'
value: 'developer'
duration: '2s'
wait: '0.5s'
nameBackgroundColor: '#5a5a5a'
valueBackgroundColor: '#49c31b'
easing: 'easeOutElastic'
nameWidth: '55'

Therefore, to generate a badge of the number of downloads:

abeamer render --dp \
--url /gallery/latest/animate-badges/index-online.html \
--width 126 --height 20 \
--var "name=downloads" --var "value=156.000" --var "valueBackgroundColor=#1b90c3" \
--var "nameWidth=70"

Setup a cloud render server

If you want to setup your own cloud render server, it’s advisable to run the js/css/ini file from a local machine.

All that is required is to execute:

abeamer create animated-badges

Overwrite the css/js/ini files from the following zip.
And just replace the --url with location point to the index.html.