Fixed the GIF generator on Windows OS

After some extra testing on Windows, I detected that in same cases, the gif generator (imagemagick convert program) generates frames with rectangle parts filled with black backgrounds.
This incorrect result doesn’t occur when I run imagemagick convert on Linux using the same parameters. I discover that the culprit was the -alpha deactivate parameter, and after some trials, by replacing the deactivate value with background, it solved the problem.
In this case, it was required to define the background, I set white as default since it’s the most common. I also added the new abeamer CLI parameter --gif-background to allow the user to define a custom background, which will be used to replace the pixels with transparency.
If this value is set to manual, the -alpha parameter won’t be passed to imagemagick convert, allowing the user to manually define his own -alpha parameter by using the CLI parameter --pre-gif.

Bringing all together

When ABeamer was initial publicly released, I created 4 github repos: source code, released (aka distro), docs and gallery-release. This allowed not only to separate the source from the compiled versions, I known that many repos deploy the source along with their release version but personally I find it that it clutters the project and the commits to have all in the same repo, but also it allows to deploy different release components in different places. The docs was initial planned to deployed in, but with the extra customizations, it turn out to be easier to use the Github pages. Github provides not only an excellent way for user to collaborate in the developing a project, but also for other users to inspect code and to use a repo as static file server. With the recent purchase of, now it makes sense to move all the release components into the abeamer domain, and delete all the release repos, leaving only source code repo. This way, it will be all integrated in a single place. The gallery and docs release will have links to the website and the themes will be harmonized with the website, so it feels it’s all as one single piece. In this version, the release version links have been updated to reflect this change.

Messages are separated from the core

If you read the previous post, ABeamer is moving to 2.x where several core parts become plugins. At the moment, those plugins have empty code because it will force them a breaking change, but it’s important to start porting now your projects of version 1.x to 2.x by adding the extra plugins, even for now they are empty.
In this version, I created a message code file, which is empty now but it should be included before all the abeamer.min.js. With this change, it will allow for users of other languages to load only one language file, instead of loading the english message file plus another extra file.
For the hard-core users that want to load ABeamer as fast as possible, with the version 2.x, they can opt-out the message file, or replace with their own with the absolute minimum messages.