ABeamer Animation Editor is the missing key component on the ABeamer EcoSystem.
At the moment, the ABeamer EcoSystem encompasses:

  • A web browser TypeScript/JavaScript library.
  • A render server agent.
  • A command line utility.

With these components, from HTML/CSS beginner to the TypeScript/JavaScript expert can build a beautiful animation and render it in either his machine or send it to render in a remote machine.

Using ABeamer has the following benefits:

  • It's free and open-source Github.
  • It has a rich built-in toolset.
  • It's highly extensible via plugins.
  • It renders frame-by-frame at high resolutions including 4k.
  • It can animate non DOM elements such as WebGL and Canvas.
  • It supports transparent backgrounds, allowing to generate frames to be an overlay on top of a movie.
  • It only requires a internet browser and an editor to create an animation.
  • It supports teleporting.
  • It has minimum dependencies.

But, It's the ABeamer Animation Editor that will allow any user without any computer knowledge, armed only with a web browser on its tablet or computer to create animations and send them to a remote machine to generate the story frames.

ABeamer Animation Editor aims to be a TypeScript/JavaScript web browser application that uses with ABeamer web browser library as the backbone, to allow the user to drag'n'drop text, shapes or assets, animated them, apply special effects, overlay them with a background movie or a image sequence, and send them to be rendered in a remote machine.

ABeamer Animation Editor is a long term project, and it requires sponsorship in order to come to live.