When contributing to the open-source community, developers many times end up being in the receiving end of everyone who forgot the put garbage in the bin before leaving home.

To keep an healthy developing environment, it's strictly banned:

  • B01. All forms of harassment.
  • B02. Abusive language.
  • B02. Comments that undervalue other's people work or character.
  • B03. Inflated ego comments.
  • B04. Confined space solutions, alas any comment that is only applied to a certain region, status quo, wealth or human language.

Anyone who transgresses these rules, risks itself of having his post or work removed and banned from future interactions.

Reporting bugs

To prevent any kind of friction with the developers, keep it simple and use following template:

Under these circumstances.

This issue occurs:
(Describe the issue)

Reporting problems without defining the circumstances can lead to a long process of discovering, which will delay the solution.