Read a detailed description about the roadmap updates on the blog post.


  • Research how to fix vsc max file watcher problem.
  • Research on the side-effects of no longer using clip-path on body to allow to add widgets and toolbars to the ABeamer.
  • Port core parts to plugins.


  • Create a complete example of how to send to teleport and receive in the server side.
  • Add setup parameters to the teleported story.
  • Add video sync information to the teleported story.

Client Rendering

  • Bypass frames if the time for that frame is too delayed, allowing ABeamer to be used as a real-time animator.
  • Implement reversibility to allow to reverse rendering from the end to beginning and to allow reverse bypass the pipeline to allow to repeat an animation.

Server Rendering

  • Research how to disable Chrome auto-play policy on puppeteer.
  • Research why the render frames on the server rendering don't match the client rendering.
  • Research why the slow fonts don't always render (chrome font fallback feature).
  • Research on distributed rendering.


  • Add abeamer library and plugins to each gallery/latest.


  • Fix the JSDocs parser bug in the documentation generator.
  • Add methods and property description to interfaces and classes.
  • Transform the code tag of interfaces/classes/types to html tags in order to improve syntax highlighting and have linkable code.
  • Add tooltips to property types inside the generated code.
  • Add more information to each user function.

Add Animations Phase

  • Allow to filter and remap urls.
  • Improve Wait for assets load and sync support.
  • Test more cases when isn't the first animation of a property in order to ensure it can properly read the end value of the previous animation and is able to guess the correct type.

Video sync

  • Add storyStart, storyEnd, videoStart and videoEnd multiple segment parameters.
  • Research more about video sync by using canvas API.


  • Implement not operator.
  • Implement power operator.
  • Add more functions and operators to Numeric Arrays.
  • Implement compiled expressions for faster access.


  • Implement teleportable canvas adapter.
  • Implement teleportable SVG adapter.

General Tasks

  • Improve factory task in order to be more dynamic.
  • Make the factory task destroy the generated html code if it's reverse rendering/bypassing.
  • Implement repeater task.
  • Implement tracer as SVG generator in order to create a dynamic svg path that adds points as t iterator increases.
  • Implement slide task for elements.
  • Implement playback-controls task to test reversibility.


  • Decouple LabelsX from data series and support define LabelsX tick parameters.
  • Implement position=bottom to Legend.
  • Implement Horizontal vs Stacked Legend.
  • Improve the calculation of the number of digits for Labels.
  • Support Teleportable canvas adapter to extend the drawing capabilities.
  • Support labels on data series.


  • Improved Shape task with animation support.
  • Implement Arrow shape task.
  • Make the shape task destroy the generated html code if it's reverse rendering/bypassing.


  • Implement Segmenter path.
  • Implement Polyline path.


  • Implement Glitch attack task.
  • Implement Color band attack task.


  • Add more functions to datetime-functions plugin.
  • Add more functions to format-functions plugin.
  • Add more functions to color-functions plugin.

Text tasks

  • Improve the typewriter to allow to add and remove text.
  • Implement 3D text by using multiple shadows to simulate the effect.
  • Implement punch-text creating the effect of the text has been hit with a punch.


  • Cut parameters for harmonic oscillator.
  • animate-abeamer: fix the text centering.
  • easings-gallery: add a tracer to improve the visibility of the path followed by the easing.
  • animate-pulsar: add a tracer to improve the visibility of the path followed by the pulsar.
  • animate-transition: improve the generate quality of this example.
  • animate-virtual: improve the generate quality of this example.
  • animate-flyover: format the output so it doesn't keeps changing the number of digits.

In a study phase

  • Electron container.
  • Audio support.
  • Teleportable non-default scenes.