Provides time functions to convert between minutes/seconds/milliseconds into frames.
Internally ABeamer only works with frames.




public export type

export type TimeFunc = (args?: ABeamerArgs) => TimeUnit | string
    | ExprString | number;

Time Code Handler


public export type

export type TimeHandler = TimeUnit | string | ExprString | number | TimeFunc;

Time used by the user to provide Duration and Position


public export function

export function frame2Time(frame: uint, fps: uint, unit: TimeUnit,
    maxPrecision?: uint): string;

Converts frames into time defined by the unit.


public export function

export function parseTimeHandler(
    timeOrFrame: TimeHandler | undefined,
    args: ABeamerArgs,
    defaultTimeOrFrame: string | int,
    referenceFrame: int,
    toInt: boolean = true): int | number;

Parses positions or durations in f/ms/s/m in number of value.
Also supports adding or subtracting from the reference.
Floating point frames can be used together with toInt=false for item-delay.
param: toInt rounds the nearest int. if the float part is 0.5, it rounds to the lower